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We understand that losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult.  This is why we developed plans that work even with a busy lifestyle.  We have a plan for everyone, including patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, and more.

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About PMC

We have over 9 years experience with medical weight loss. We have had thousands of successful patients and a proven track record of success.

After studying what works, we have devised a complete solution that includes a diet plan along with medications to achieve the best outcome possible. We believe in treating the patient and weight loss is not a one-size fits all plan. We work with patients to design the perfect plan for results! Our goal is to teach a different lifestyle so that weight loss is everlasting in the future!


HCG helps your body turn fat into fuel. HCG can help patients lose up to 2000 calories a day! Our HCG diet does not count calories and is focused on eating at least 3 meals a day plus snacks. No starving!

Phentermine Weight Loss

Phentermine is very popular for weight loss and FDA approved. Phentermine works by controlling appetite and increasing energy via brain pathways.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

We offer an alternative to prescription weight loss products. Our natural supplements are herbal and safe for patients who are unable to use stimulants. These are pharmaceutical grade supplements, only available from a physician’s office.

Fat Burning Injections

Our fat burning injections combine vitamins and amino acids to trigger fat burning in the body while increasing energy! These amazing injections also help with skin elasticity, hair, nails, and muscle recovery.

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We are committed to you

Padgett Medical Center’s commitment has been shown and proven throughout our 30 years of dedicated medical experience. We have had the privilege of serving countless clients through the past few decades, and we look forward to investing in the lives of many more in the years to come!

Clients Reviews

The business is very clean. The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable. The doctor was very nice and friendly. I will recommend others to the business to have their own experience. Thank you!

Leeann Palmer

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Just had my first appointment, and I am so excited to start this weight loss journey with Padgett in my corner. I asked a million questions, and they answered every single one and made me feel so comfortable.

Alyssa Nix

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Efficient staff and Friendly environment. It’s never a hassle to make an appointment or pick up your meds plus you can’t beat the price!! I highly recommend them!

Nicole Gil

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In most cases, patients leave with medications in hand




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