Signs of Low T & How it Affects Emotional Health

  • Post last modified:February 24, 2020
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Testosterone is a naturally-occurring hormone that plays a crucial role in men’s health, but did you know some men may suffer from low levels of this hormone? We at the Padgett Medical Center have worked to offer testosterone replacement therapy Tampa men can rely on when showing signs of low T. With this experience, we want to bring more awareness to this condition so that more men can notice these signs and treat them appropriately. Learn more about the importance of testosterone in men’s emotional health today and how you can receive treatment.


What Are the Side Effects of Low Testosterone?

As mentioned above, testosterone contributes to a man’s well-being. If your body produces inadequate levels of testosterone, you could suffer from common symptoms like mood swings that can interfere with your personal and social life, or even more severe conditions like arthritis. Low T has been linked to similar chronic diseases like arthritis, as well as low blood pressure. 


The biggest problem with this condition at the moment is that it isn’t talked about enough. It’s estimated that about 5% of men over 40 suffer from low testosterone, but because this condition isn’t talked about or studied more often, there’s a chance that the number could be higher, and many men don’t realize it.


Without proper treatment, men with low testosterone could lose motivation to do things they enjoy, disrupt their personal lives with mood swings, find difficulty in being happy, and may develop conditions like depression or anxiety. Over time, it can also lead to things like hair loss, decreased bone mass, increased body fat, lower sex drive, difficulty getting erections, and more.


Seek a Specialist If You Notice Signs of Low T

If you’re noticing signs that you could be suffering from low T, speaking to a specialist could help you by getting you on testosterone replacement therapy. This can help you regain your enthusiasm and energy, as well as help you with other conditions that can stem from low testosterone. Since not enough controlled research data has been conducted on low T, it can be difficult to notice these signs as something abnormal. Ask yourself if you’ve become moody, often triggered by minor things. Do you feel motivated to do things physically or mentally, even if they’re things you enjoy? Has your sex drive declined and/or your sperm count dropped? Many of these examples happen as we age, but that doesn’t mean they’re issues of aging itself.


Contact Us for Testosterone Replacement Therapy Tampa Patients Can Rely On

Have you noticed multiple signs of low T in yourself or someone you know? If so, and you live in the Tampa area, then consider speaking with us at the Padgett Medical Center. We can help you diagnose your condition and reveal whether or not low T is to blame. If it is, we can offer effective testosterone replacement therapy Tampa men can use to regain control of their lives. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.